Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kia Ora!

If any children out there are wondering where the teacher Mrs O'Loughlin has gone,she is travelling Europe and has a blog where you can read about her journey.

She has lots of photographs, and great descriptions of the special locations she is visiting, and the food and people that are there.

All the best
Mr Phillpotts

Mrs O'loughlin's Travel Blog

After Ephesus we went to a new place established by the Turkish Govt about 2 years ago as a promotion for the history of the area. They put on a Roman skit with Cleopatra, Mark Antony, roman warriors etc. Quite cheesy and weird that it was Roman culture pushed by Turkish Govt.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Scooter safety Day 2

Kia Ora

I thought this post had been uploaded, but blog posts from iPads can be a bit mysterious.

You can see Room 13 children practicing riding scooters on sidewalks and looking out for vehicles in drive ways and the like.

Also practicing stopping, turning, and swerving.

People and children are of the belief that scooters are 'easy to ride' and safe, but there are increasing numbers of head and brain injuries from scooters. The reasons are; anyone can get on a scooter and go fast, they aren't trained to use them, they are actually quite unstable if there is any inconsistency in the riding surface, and children don't usually wear helmets.

It was great to see them getting upskilled, and informed.

All the best.

Mr Phillpotts and the Scooter Safety Training Staff.

Calendar Art 2016

Kia Ora Parents and Whanau

Here is Room 13's Calendar Art for 2016, which the relief teacher was kind enough to work on with your child.

Order forms have been sent home, or have been hiding in their bags as the case may be.

I hope the last cold snap served as a chance to have another roast meal and get cozy for some family charades at home!

All the best

Mr Phillpotts