Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 9

Kia Ora Havelock!

We hope you had a great short week, we certainly did at school.

Can I say I have been impressed with the level of maturity developing within our class team.  Some children are learning to have themselves organised for each change of task, some are developing the efficiency with which they manage their tasks, books and resources, and some are organised enough to find time to help with extra classroom management tasks.

Congratulations to our class certificate winner for displaying creativity and initiative in class.  The detail in your art work is fantastic, and you make sure you are ready for each learning session without any delay.

I sincerely hope everyone has another superb weekend, and get a lot of rest.  With only two weeks left, room 13 children need to be on their best behaviour and very focused.  As I said to the class today, often approaching the end of a week or term I practice zero tolerance.  Which applies to time wasting, disruption, and lack of effort.  I also continue to show high praise for children who are doing the right thing, working hard, and staying on task.
They know who they are, and are identified verbally within the class.  This practice is about setting positive expectations, and giving classmates something positive to aspire towards.

All the best

Mr Phillpotts

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