Thursday, 9 June 2016

Scooter Safety Training

Kia Ora

Today was the start of safety training, and as well as being fun the class learned a lot.

We talked about adjusting the handlebars so they aren't too high.

Checking the quick release fittings to make sure they are done up tight, and are locked in the correct place.

Following at a safe distance so that we have time to stop if someone else stops, or if they fall off.

Please note - this picture of a front wheel shows the wheel the wrong way round.  The straight edge of the fork should be at the front.  As the centre of the wheel should be in front of the centre of rotation.  This matches with common bicycle and motorcycle mechanics, and means the scooter will be more stable when turning.

This picture below shows another incorrect wheel.

The wheel below is correct.  It might not seem much of a difference, but higher speeds will exaggerate the problem.

Correct again.

It is of course great to go over the simple mechanics of your child's scooter with them, so that they know what problems to look out for.  Also as an opportunity to check their machine is safe.

All the best

Room 13 

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